"No one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues", that sounds about right (excluding Bernie).

The dumbing down of mass media was right on target, Dr. Sagan.

And there's truthiness: "Our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what's true."

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Will Americans, the non-sociopaths among us at least, slide past superstition and darkness into extinction?

In a contest between idealists and sociopaths, do we doubt who will win?

I consider Carl the most important educator since Erasmus in the 15th century.  Humanism pervades both philosophies.  Carl's foreboding above reminds me of the ending of the twentieth century's most important book (to me anyway) 1984. At the ending Smith tells O'Brien the only chance of changing things that society has is an overthrow of Big Brother by the proles.  Fat chance says O'Brien—that would be the equivalent of barn animals rebelling against the farmer.  It's not in their mental capability.   Orwell then went on the write Animal Farm whichexplores the possibility. 

Speaking of Erasmus, Carl suggested that St. Augustine of Hippo was the most evil and destructive man who ever lived.  The holy man told his followers, Augustinian monks, to never question any dictates from their superiors.  Just accept what you're told and obey.  Carl asserts that this killing of human curiosity and the human spirit brought on the Dark Ages, which lasted until Erasmus.and the Age of Reason. 

Rich Goscicki 




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