Any suggestions? I plan on linking to other A|N groups that deal with similar topics.

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What I have in mind is that each event, holiday, rite of passage, etc... gets its own discussion (complete with appropriately worded subject line) in the discussion area of the group. I'll demonstrate by starting one for Humanlight.
Sounds like a good idea. There are groups about scripture and mythology that would relate to specific holidays.
Good idea! Hadn't thought about that. Any suggestions?
If anyone has any suggestions for groups on Atheist Nexus, or for groups/websites off site, I'd be happy to hear them.
If each topic becomes a wailing wall for people who absolutely hate that particular holiday/rite of passage/etc... I'm afraid I'll have to change the name of the group to Wah! Certainly, some discussion of how messed up some holidays are is needed, but please don't rain on other people's parades.

I have found myself with much less time to spend here than I used to have, so am looking for new administrators for the group.  


Any takers?

Still looking for new admins.

Still looking for new admins.

For future reference:  Before posting, please check to see if there's already a discussion pertaining to your "holiday" or celebration. If not, then feel free to post a new discussion.

This group will become less useful to people if everyone posts a new discussion for each holiday.




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