First, hats-off to the Secular Seasons website. I copied-and-pasted their list of secular holidays. I'll add links as I have time. I'll also be linking to discussions in this group.

Admittedly, this is very US-Centric right now. I hope to see that change in the future. If you have a day/week/month/etc... you'd like to see added, please leave a reply to this post.


* New Year Reality Revival - January 1-31
* Thomas Paine Day - January 29


* Darwin Day - February 12


* International Women's Day - March 8
* Pi Day - March 14
* Freedom of Information Day (US) - March 16
* Sunshine Week (US) - March 16 - 22
* Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)
* Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere)


* April Fool's Day - April 1
* Yuri's Night, or Cosmonaut's Day - April 12
* Earth Day - April 22


* National Day of Reason (US) - First Thursday in May


* World Environment Day - June 5
* Atheist Solidarity Day - June 21
* World Humanist Day - June 21
* Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)
* Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)


* Chevalier de la Barre - July 1
* Indivisible Day - July 4
* First Man On The Moon - July 20, 1969


* Ingersoll Day - August 11


* Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)
* Spring Equinox (Southern Hemisphere)
* Banned Book Week - September 23


* Freethought Month - October 1-31
* Freethought Day - October 12


* Sagan Day - November 7th
* Church/State Separation Week ~ November 24


* International Human Rights Day - December 10
* Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)
* Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)
* Festivus - December 23
* HumanLight Celebration - December 23

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Well I spend a bit of time trying to figure out the colors. I saw that pretty much every color is used somewhere even multi colored ones. I liked scarlet red because of the "A". For black it was mostly because the very first scarlet A I saw had a black background. (I briefly mention this on facebook page). I thought the colors red and black look pretty sharp together. I also thought that even though for some it might have different ideas come up as the ribbon gets more popular atheism will be the only thing to come to mind. Kind of like red does for AIDS. I also like the "A" but wanted someting more universal and something someone can make for themselves without having to buy it at a special shop. Hope that clears it up....also don't forget that atheists have had many deaths just for the sole fact they were an atheist.


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