A new one on me:  Atheist Solidarity Day

There's a group for it here on Nexus.

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Count me in! That's a monday, so I'll do most of my celebrating on sunday with the kids and then do an "honorable mention" sort of thing on the actual day. :D

Not that you...really...wanted to know.
Ha! Actually, that's the point of this group... what people do for secular celebrations.
Brother Bill... you are so nyeguhtive... focus on the white light. Let people know what you do believe.
Actually, telling people what you don't believe is negative. Why not tell people what you DO believe instead? Why not stand FOR something instead of stand AGAINST something?

One problem I have always had with the word 'atheist' (or 'atheism') is that negativeness is built into the very word itself, with the first 'a' in either atheist or atheism meaning 'against' (as least as far as I know) rather than 'for'. Compare that with 'humanist', which (although there's no 'for' word in it that you can actually see) still basically means 'for' humans or 'focused' on humans, rather than 'against' humans. So the word 'humanist' or 'humanism' to me seems to radiate much more positive energy than the words 'atheist' or 'atheism' does. Although essentially of course they're both just words for nontheists (see, darn it, another word with a built-in negative, the 'non' in nontheist!)
Thanks Kid! I didn't know that, and I stand corrected! :-)
I wasn't even aware that what I said had anything to do with self help psychology or with being wishy washy.

I've never seen anything by Zig Ziegler. I've never heard of "The Process," so I don't know what that is. I've never heard of the Hoffman Institute.
I was being sarcastic. I generally break out in hives when someone starts talking about someone being "negative".
Do you ever fall into your own sarchasm, Bill?
Should we take this dog and pony show on the road?




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