A birthday is a celebration of life. It is a great random coincidence when two gametes connect. It should be celebrated and the birthday celebrant should consider themselves extremely fortunate to get this great opportunity.

Why waste a holiday on a myth?
- Bill S.



November 5th - Stephanie Darwin

November 30th - John Grow


I have always loved birthdays, as it seems the most appropriate time to celebrate a friend/loved one's life. I have been trying to get it though the collective skull of my family for years that Xmess is not that big of a deal to me, but birthdays... oh yes! They get me gifts and religious cards on their religious buying holiday, I get them gifts and cards for them on their birthday.

I just celebrated my 50th birthday. It was a big transition for me, as neither of my parents made it past 50. I don't fear aging like many people do, so I wasn't upset that "Omg... my value on the meat market has decreased even more!!!1111" My issue was that my parents didn't make it past 50. Now that it looks like I may outlive them, I'm ready to have a party.

The only 50th birthday party that I've ever been invited to was the one thrown by my cohabi-tater's aunt's domestic partner. It was a lovely event, with good food, a table of memorabilia about his aunt, and more people than I even know.

I'm thinking about having a 50th party this summer, and inviting all the people who have been good to me over the years. It would be a small way of honoring them, and thanking them for their kindness.

My family's birthday ritual was to invite our grandparents over, and maybe a few friends, have cake with candles that the birthday boy or girl blew out, making a wish while we all sang "Happy Birthday". We also had ice cream, and were given a few gifts. Now that I'm past 50, and my grandparents and parents are dead, I miss these gatherings. Once upon a time, everyone in my family spoke to everyone else, and people actually seemed to get along.

As an adult, one of the rituals that I enjoyed for a few years was going out to eat at the only Indian restaurant within driving distance, spending time in a bookstore, and then ending the day in a hottub on the roof of a hottub place, watching the sun set.

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I was born February 13th, 1992 in the middle of a huge lightning storm fully equiped with freezing rain and swift/strong winds too. My grandparents both said it was the heaviest/coldest storm they were ever in - AND THEY WERE BORN BACK EAST!!! I think it was either a sign that I'll be like a great storm or me just wanting to drentch/scare my biological dad. XD

I never really liked my birthday or a lot of attention for that matter, it seems idiotic to me plus my family is annoying enough on a normal day. I get my presents at X-Mas and this here "Godless Heathen" gets more $$$ than the majority Christian people on THEIR HOLIDAY! I have great business sense though so, thats most likely why. I just get a gift card or socks and maybe a shirt which trust me, I love getting shirts or pants/shorts as a gift and am truely grateful. Clothes are expensive these days! The most I look forward to is reading the cards my uncles/mom give me... I laugh at how they say 1 thing but mean something else. I can't be fooled and especially by stuff like that, LOL.

Besides not digging the uncalled for attention and not the type to throw a party *nothing to seriously celebrate in my opinion, felt that way since I was 3 too* - people act so obviously fake to me on my B-day. Worst part for me is if they sing while the cake gets cut and my cousin is there. She has a good singing voice and it really is pleasing but, her voice will get on your nerves after about 1 hour or more... can someone overdose on Advil or what? :/

If I accomplished something epic *like getting my GED or my 1st car* then I'd celebrate a bit and if someone wanted to join in then it'd be up to them. Either way, to me it's no big deal that I made it through another 365 - 366 days.
Epic entry into the world! What are you going to do for an encore?
I am of two minds when it comes to my birthday (*ahem*November 30!*ahem*). On the one hand, I hate birthday parties, especially my own. Sometimes it can be fun, but usually it's an uneasy affair, especially when one set of friends meets another, with nothing in common but the guest of honor.

On my fortieth birthday, I had to work--nature of my schedule, and I burned through all my vacation time earlier in the year. I work in Customer Service, so I was waiving fees left and right--to give back a little.

As a single person, I do miss sharing a birthday with someone special though.<insert violins here/>
Hopefully you have your profile set to add your birthday to the daily birthday list so that proper huzzahs can be unleashed.

Are you a member of the A|N Secular Singles group? Freethinkermatch.com? OKCupid?

I'm of the opinion that people's wishes about any holiday be respected. Don't like to celebrate? I won't mention it. Do like to celebrate? Break out the party hats!
In other words I'm serruptitiously making their birthdays more important to them than xmas, especially when they think about their Uncle Bill.

Heh heh heh... sneaky! I love it. I don't buy things for people for Xmess (mostly) because I can't afford it. However, I can usually scrape together enough pennies to buy birthday presents.

A birthday is a celebration of life. It is a great random coincidence when two gametes connect. It should be celebrated and the birthday celebrant should consider themselves extremely fortunate to get this great opportunity.

Why waste a holiday on a myth?

I found this quoteworthy, Bill.
I'm not that fond of my birthday. I have no problem celebrating other peoples birthdays. My track record for birthdays just isn't good. For me a good birthday has become one where no one gets sick, no one dies, and there are no major catastrophes (at least none that I hear about). I'm not superstitious generally but December 21st seems to act like a magnet for disasters. Anyone else have that problem with their birth date?
My best friend has your birthday.
Should I not list your birthday among the birthday list then? Maybe it would turn things around for you.
I think on birthdays I pressure myself too much to have an awesome time, and that doesn't usually work out.
I lowered my expectations to almost none, and that seems to have helped.
I am so damn slow sometimes! I knew your birthday was this month but I didn't realize it was the day before mine! Duh!!!!

Again, happiest of birthmonths to you!

Birthdays have always been the one Real™ holiday for me. They are very personal and I mostly want to be left alone to commune with all I know to be "sacred" (for lack of a better word). Someone I once knew used to laugh at me because I didn't except phone calls or guests on my Bday, preferring only to sit with my trees...(I am really a tree hugging dirt worshiper at heart).

When I was growing up, there were 11 straight years that it rained on my Bday.

I'm so damn happy to have made it to 36, I hope I make 50!

I share my birthday with Tatum O'Neal, Jon-Erik Hexum, Art Garfunkel, and Roy Rogers.
Events I find interesting for my day in history include the sentencing of Saddam Hussein (which I disagreed with), Ulyssus completed the 1st passage behind the Sun, Govan Mbeki was freed from Robben Island and Susan B. Anthony was fined for trying to vote.
Thank you Larry! I was replying to Grundgetta, 'cause she was the one that made the post listing her birthday the day before mine (the 5th), though a few years before.

I love to hear our elders reminding us of these things and actually used to take offense (as if mere words could cause offense!) I agree Sir, that I am only just a kid! If more of us youngsters would only just listen to our elders, there is much wealth to be found!

I smiled big upon viewing your blog this morning (link found on another thread somewhere), at seeing that, true to what I read behind your words, your picture proved your wisdom.

When my son suffocated, I learned a great deal about living, though it took many years to come to the knowledge. I try with every breath to live as though it were the last.

Thank you Larry!




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