A birthday is a celebration of life. It is a great random coincidence when two gametes connect. It should be celebrated and the birthday celebrant should consider themselves extremely fortunate to get this great opportunity.

Why waste a holiday on a myth?
- Bill S.



November 5th - Stephanie Darwin

November 30th - John Grow


I have always loved birthdays, as it seems the most appropriate time to celebrate a friend/loved one's life. I have been trying to get it though the collective skull of my family for years that Xmess is not that big of a deal to me, but birthdays... oh yes! They get me gifts and religious cards on their religious buying holiday, I get them gifts and cards for them on their birthday.

I just celebrated my 50th birthday. It was a big transition for me, as neither of my parents made it past 50. I don't fear aging like many people do, so I wasn't upset that "Omg... my value on the meat market has decreased even more!!!1111" My issue was that my parents didn't make it past 50. Now that it looks like I may outlive them, I'm ready to have a party.

The only 50th birthday party that I've ever been invited to was the one thrown by my cohabi-tater's aunt's domestic partner. It was a lovely event, with good food, a table of memorabilia about his aunt, and more people than I even know.

I'm thinking about having a 50th party this summer, and inviting all the people who have been good to me over the years. It would be a small way of honoring them, and thanking them for their kindness.

My family's birthday ritual was to invite our grandparents over, and maybe a few friends, have cake with candles that the birthday boy or girl blew out, making a wish while we all sang "Happy Birthday". We also had ice cream, and were given a few gifts. Now that I'm past 50, and my grandparents and parents are dead, I miss these gatherings. Once upon a time, everyone in my family spoke to everyone else, and people actually seemed to get along.

As an adult, one of the rituals that I enjoyed for a few years was going out to eat at the only Indian restaurant within driving distance, spending time in a bookstore, and then ending the day in a hottub on the roof of a hottub place, watching the sun set.

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Did this child actually start out with a piece of cake? I am horrified at the cake devastation.
The birthday section is so sad... more people who like to celebrate should tell us when.
Isn't there an expiry date for birthday wishes?
Is there in France? I have never heard of one.
As far as I know, there's nothing like, e.g., the five-second rule in France. But I'd expect a country where it is popular to have something similar about birthdays.
I've never heard of one in the US. That's why I'm still celebrating my birthday all year.
Happy birthday, Grungie! (And a happy birthday to Bro' Richard, too!)



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