From the Secular Celebrations website:

Sunshine Week (US) March 16-22

"Sunshine Week is an important event for the entire American population. Starting with Freedom of Information Day on March 16, James Madison's birthday, Sunshine week focuses on open discussion and open government."

I'd be curious to know of similar observances in other parts of the world.

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I don't think there's anything like that in Australia. Possibly because our state and federal governments couldn't launch it with a straight face given their level of secrecy. (Link: Report into Commonwealth secrecy laws)
Just the thought of a report on secrecy laws makes me laugh.
Yeah. I'm expecting that the government will find a way to bury it and my head with explode from the irony. Sometimes it's like living in an episode of 'Yes Minister' here.
hahahaha! I haven't seen "Yes Minister" in a long time. WIill have to see if I can find it now in honor of Sunshine Week.
This is the first I've ever heard of Sunshine Week. The description makes it sound like Гласность (Glasnost).

Anyway, Happy Freedom of Information Day! May all of our federal agencies publicly disclose their ... um ... information ...?
Happy Freedom of Information Day to you, too!

Heh. I see your point about Glasnost.
Me too. Now I'm going to nap next to a window.
Once again, its Sunshine Week.

I'll celebrate it by going outside - IN THE DAYTIME! :O


*I hate sunlight but Sunshine Week sounds great... too bad they won't disclose anything of importance.*




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