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"World Environment Day was initially designed to give environmental issues a human face, one that people could identify with. The philosophy of World Environment Day has changed little over the last three decades; it still strives to associate faces with environmental issues and empower people to be advocates of sustainable and equitable development. By promoting an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing the attitudes towards environmental issues, and advocating partnerships, World Environment Day strives to ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safe, clean, healthy, and more prosperous future."

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If anyone has more time on their hands than me, I'd love to hear how World Environment Day differs from Earth Day.
I suppose there's no obvious difference to a 'Merkin. One was initiated by the UN, the other by the USA, at about the same date.
Wasn't it hippies that started Earth Day? And they buried a car?

This holiday is the poster child for holidays that should be everyday.
No. Refer to the Earth Day post for a link to the history of Earth Day. Started by US Senator, Gaylord Nelson.
Tsk tsk. Jaume, I would think by now that you would know me at least somewhat, and that I would already know that one was initiated by the UN, and the other by the US. I was looking for more info.

I am crushed you would toss me in the pot with yer average Murkan.
Heh. Prejudice is one of these things that never die completely. Once a carrot, always a carrot.
Can't I at least be classified with all the root vegetables?
That was going to be my question... other than the date, what's the difference?




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