Once again, from the Secular Seasons calendar:  "World Humanist Day is celebrated annually on June 21 as a way to spread information-and combat misinformation-about the positive aspects of humanism as a philosophical life stance and means to affect change in the world."

One suggested way to celebrate is to have a picnic.

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I'm pretty sure World Humanist Day was around first.

You have superpowers Bill, can't you be in two places at once?
I didn't know that real superheroes wear capes (in Europe at least they don't.) I thought that was a comics-only thing.
You need Edna E. Mode on your side.
Yes, I know some have griped that the two fall on the same day. I actually did it on purpose! Hopefully it was a good call. (I breifly messaged with one of the founders and he agreed) My thinking was that together they would actually make each other stronger and more popular. Power in numbers. Kind of two sides of the same coin. They are both looking for the same end results but by different means. Some atheists are also humanists and humanists can be atheists. Humanist day focus on the life stance while solidarity day's focus is showing solidarity with other atheists so that eventually society doesn't punish people for being atheist and celebrating the freedom that some enjoy. I don't see why people can't celebrate both. Some may only want to celebrate one or the other. But together there is a day where a varied group of people are showing the public who the atheists and humanists are...
Heh. Well, I think you have a good point, that it's a good idea to have both on the same day.




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