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Hi there,what's this group all about?
CUFREE is a group of freethinkers based in Champaign Urbana Illinois. our web page is www.cufree.net. we meet about 3 times per month.
Good luck with that... I seem to be in the wrong place then lol
you can stay and talk as my other member get joined. but if not - it was a joy to meet you.
thanks :)

btw,is that you with Richard Dawkins in that pic? wow
Yes it is Richard. I had lunch with him and Anne Laurie Gaylor, Dan Barker (FFRF) and Debbie Goddard (CFI) a couple of months ago. it was after I had dinner the night before with James Randi at the University of Illinois - it was a great 24 hours.
Damn, Phil. I know about your Randi story (which I detect drool and utter happiness when you tell the story), but I didn't know about the Dawkins lunch. *really envious*

How did you get to have lunch with Dr. Dawkins?
well...after the Randi event at the U of I and me going to sleep around 2AM. I had to get up at 5:00 the next day to drive to Madison WI. Dawkins was giving a talk and I went as the SSA rep. I called Anne Laurie and Dan and offered to buy them lunch and they said yes. I also invited Debbie Goddard to join us. when I got to FFRF they told me that Dawkins had asked them to lunch and that I was welcome to join them. Then Dawkins called back and said that he could not have lunch with us because he already promised to have lunch with Debbie. we told him that she was joining us. so - we all went and had a nice lunch. I had no camera and Dan took this photo. I am very glad that he did.
Thanks for the invite, I find it hard to add groups on here. =(




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