It's a fact: religion has attempted to frustrate the laws of physics.  It wants to be constant, unaltered and unmoved.  Religion wants to set itself in stone, declare its tenets to be inarguable, unchanging and unchanged.  Christianity makes noises about Alpha and Omega and "from everlasting to everlasting."  One branch stakes a claim to infallibility and others that its holy book is divinely inspired and therefore beyond question.  Altogether, it amounts to a lot of sound and fury, to be sure.

The problem is that, for all the sound and fury, religion has modified itself practically since its inception and continues to change, sometimes purposefully, sometimes in spite of itself.  Sometimes the alterations are as simple as the cherry-picking process.  I mean, how often have we heard: "Oh, but THOSE rules were for a different culture and age"?  On occasion religion will wrestle with what is presumed to be its constant because its own written reference conflicts with itself, hardly what I would call a reliable "constant."  Most notably, religion changes when the world around it gives it no choice, or when secular knowledge becomes inarguable to the point where religion is forced to concede its stance.

Existence is marked by constant change, from the subatomic level to the intergalactic.  In this milieu, religion thinks itself to be a stable and reliable rock to stand on, yet even rocks wear with the weather, break when hit, and melt when sufficiently heated.  The supposed constant of religion amounts to no more than a conceit, but even worse, a conceit with no factual basis at its foundation.  Perhaps this is why human civilization is moving past religion's antiquated "absolutes" as it changes and grows and develops.

Constants are for equations.  Life is a variable.  Religion needs to learn this.

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Loren, you always write of events in ways that reveal their duplicity, and your choice of words string together in ways that zing. I especially like your, "Constants are for equations.  Life is a variable.  Religion needs to learn this." A simple idea, but true to the core. Existence throughout time and space, "marked by constant change," gives me so much more hope than dogma. Indeed, human beings move past "absolutes" into ever expanding realms. 

Yes Loren - I have heard many times Xtians say" but those are Old Testament laws" or "that was different then", excuses, excuses.

Religion does not stand the test of time. Therefore, it gets antiquated quickly. It is good to move past religion.




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