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It's pretty evident where Malala's values come from and wonderfully refreshing to hear such values boldly espoused.

Still, I can't help but think that those who attempted to silence Malala have no ears to hear such words.  They are not about freedom, especially of expression, and they are certainly not about education.  The values they hold are the same calcified absolutes I spoke of here, which serve no one other than the promoters of such values.

Change IS a value.  From change may come growth, development, learning, and discovery.  Without change, there is NOTHING, not even death, but a nothingness of unmoved stasis.  True, change can also bring regression and dissolution, but then change by itself is a scalar value.  It requires the application of a disciplined vector to achieve a positive outcome.

I am glad to say I stand with Malala and her father in pursuit of positive change, for them, their fellows and their country.

Loren, indeed! Her wounds and countless others who want to learn new things and different way of being take tremendous risks, just to be fully human. I realize the tremendous harm such institutions as family, church, and society as a whole  can rain down stupidly on innocents. I tried really hard this past summer to temper my anger. I need my anger to say what I need to say and encourage others to give voice to their outrage as well. Sure, we overstate the obvious, but how else will we open windows of options for others who self-regulate their full range of expression? I may be deluding myself, but I like my outrage on such a fundamental matter. I like building a reputation of saying what I think, even as I listen to others. The problem with listening, so many say the same ignorant, submissive, obedient things that I want to tear their tongues out of their heads and put toothpicks in their eyelids. 




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