Just curious to our members here, I know many of you found our podcast as members of Atheist Nexus, but I want to know how many of our listeners (who are also nexus Members) went the other way around, consider it an entirely unscientific survey.

As always, thanks for listening, we've got some great shows coming up and really value your feedback.

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My timeline was Atheist Nexus - Chariots of Iron Podcast - Chariots of Iron Group.
I joined AN first
Nexus first - followed by podcast (probably)
I did not find you on the Atheist Nexus. It was Itunes
EGAD! You're trying to one-up Bro. Richard!! I can smell a subversive plot a mile away!!
I heard the podcast first - - but it was the episode where Bro Richard told me all about the Nexus.
So even though you guys were the conduit, FATE brought me to the Nexus through the good brother ANYWAY!!
Crap, my evil scheme of Atheist World Domination is unmasked. Drat! Foiled Again!

*In actuality it was more just mere curiosity and this it the easiest way I have to mass-mail a bunch of listeners.
Found the podcast, then AN. I enjoy the podcast immensely!
Nexus -> Podcast -> Group
I heard about Atheist Nexus from someone at my local atheist meet-up group. I later learned about Chariots of Iron podcast (which I LOVE) through a JREF member on the skepticsrock chat. Only upon listening to the podcast did I learn there was a group at Atheist Nexus for the podcast. I immediately made sure the podcast was part of the godcast (atheist podcast) directory at http://www.godbar.net (a browser toolbar for the atheist cyber community that I highly recommend for all my fellow heathens).
Found Nexus first then started listening to Chariots.
Like the show by the way. Cheers.
Found the podcasts about five months ago and just got around to joining AN yesterday (I suffer from chronic intertia, or I would have joined earlier).
I was an "early adopter" of Atheist Nexus and found you guys here first. I then subscribed to the podcast via iTunes.




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