Just curious to our members here, I know many of you found our podcast as members of Atheist Nexus, but I want to know how many of our listeners (who are also nexus Members) went the other way around, consider it an entirely unscientific survey.

As always, thanks for listening, we've got some great shows coming up and really value your feedback.

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Wow, your twitter feed is really nice. You post a lot of stuff!

Well, AtheistNews is now a follower. ;)
Did a search on iTunes for "atheists" and got Atheist News, Joined Nexus, burned through all your news podcasts and wondered "Whats all this chariots malarky?" downloaded one and got hooked..

So it was AN -> Nexus, AN -> Chariots
I tunes --> Podcast ---> A/N

We f'n bastards are EVERYWHERE.
I looked for Atheist Nexus after hearing it mentioned on several podcasts including Chariots of Iron.
I actually found your podcast first on iTunes searching "atheist" podcasts. After listening, was directed here! :)
I did. I found your podcast on itunes, then I was drawn to the cult of AN!

I found Atheist Nexus because I was looking for a good atheist podcast to add to my weekly listening. It just so happened to lead me here.
I found AN through you guys, not vice-versa. Actually I didn't find you at all; my husband did, and I'm not sure where he got your link from. A different sceince or atheist podcast, most likely.
Pharyngula. I'm really glad he did link you, though.
Here's my story. One day I thought, boy I have a long drive to school. Sure would like something interesting to listen to. Naturally the first thing I searched on Itunes podcasts was "Atheist" which turned up Atheist News. Fell in love. From there I heard about Chariots of Iron. Fell in love all over again. As a result of both, joined Atheist Nexus.
I found the podcast first via iTunes, and was led down the primrose path to AN, which is leading me straight to hell, I guess. LOVE it. Rock on!



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