Just curious to our members here, I know many of you found our podcast as members of Atheist Nexus, but I want to know how many of our listeners (who are also nexus Members) went the other way around, consider it an entirely unscientific survey.

As always, thanks for listening, we've got some great shows coming up and really value your feedback.

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Found A|N through Chariots.
I searched Itunes for Atheist in the podcasts and found Atheist News which led to Chariots of Iron and Atheist Nexus at the same time. This has led me to many other net locations and podcasts. Now if I could just find time to read a book and not listen to all the back issue podcasts....
zune chariots podcast, nexus, news podcast
I got here through you guys (and got to you through Pharyngula)
Youth Group - Church - Christ Rally (sidehug) - College - Semester in Australia - ENORMOUS bowl of weed - Internet - Dawkins Book - The Fuck am I Doing? - People's Choice Podcast Awards - iTunes - Chariots of Iron - Atheist Nexus in that order.
You win this thread, sir.
I Found Chariots of Iron & that turned me on to Atheist News Podcast & Atheist Nexus. I have to say, It's great not to feel so isolated!
Chariots first (just google "atheist podcast" or something like that), then the nexus.
I found out about Chariots via Joe talking about it on the Atheist News podcast, then I subscribed to it on itunes then joined Atheist Nexus.
Atheist News Podcast --> Chariots of Iron --> Atheist Nexus.
I started listening at episode 6 after doing a Google search for "X podcast" (what X was, I don't remember). I fell in love with the sensuous wonder of Lamar's voice... which won me over in an arousing instant. I eventually made a AN profile some months later after putting it off for quite a while.
I Found Chariots by listening to Atheist News which I found on Itunes. Joined Atheist Nexus after listening to both podcasts multiple times.



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