Chariots of Iron Season 01, Episode 35: The COI2009 so you don't forget the code episode

The Atheist Alliance International's convention director and Rochester Atheism Examiner Viktor Nagornyy joins us this week to tell us a little bit about their convention in Burbank California beginning on October second. We talk about the cavalcade of speakers that will be in attendance and Viktor even hooks us up with our own SUPER SECRET SPECIAL CHARIOTS OF IRON CODE that will get you 10% $10 off the price of admission when you sign up online!

Don't say we never did nothin' for ya.

But before that, of course we have some news for you: faith healing quackery, the "stuff that sits in front of the zoo" single-single issue voter platform sweeps Oklahoma, the Yale Press needs a magnifying glass to find its balls, more drama over the burqa (wee!), Afghanistan promotes its new diet plan and we are convinced quite quickly that no one sings worse than Rabbis.

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That Brad Pitt, I think he gets everyone a little heady.
Sure i totally agree with you, I'm going back to school for a major in physics(i think) and a minor in History (Roman pref). And I being a geek love Roman and Greek mythologies a lot. But the difference is how many people still whorship RA? or Zeus, Apollo? I'm not going to say none cause there are crazies out there but a very small amount. On the other hand Moses, Muhammad, and Jesus, are very much still thought to be real and teaching about them may justify thier beliefs.
Don't get me wrong if you teach it in the right context it could be a great class that is for sure BUT, seeing as how most highschool and elementry school teachers are christains. I bet you it would not be taught like some one teaches about Zues, but rather like truth.

Unless of course this was a college class (which tend to be more athiestic) but even that is risky.

So I say until humanity finally manages to shrug off the mantel of ignorence i dont think we can teach.

Small side note, I'm not saying all people of faith are ignorant that would be pompous, but in the United States its dangrous to feed the fire, if you will.
I don't know if this has been answered elsewhere but do you have the link to the blog that talked about the Christian who had the atheist pass at the creation museum?

I should have posted that, thanks for reminding me:
Best email ever:

Dear hygiene ignorants:

Much like life, a swimming pool is more about what you take out of it than what you put into it.

The chlorine in pools are there to kill bacteria so that the happy bathers don't step out of there with skin rashes, stomach infections, hepatitis, or polio.

You generally want to keep chlorine levels in a pool high enough to kill bacteria, but low enough not to cause skin blistering or chlorine poisoning. So you tend to skimp on chlorine a bit.

However, the chlorine in pools bind to particles on your skin. That's why you smell of it when you get out of the pool. The more you smell of chlorine when you leave the pool, the dirtier you were going in.

Clothes both contain particles, and have fibers to collect the chlorine. Bathing suits don't attract as much chlorine as normal clothes, since they have a)less cloth - fewer fibers, b)smoother fibers.

Therefore, you should always shower (naked) with soap before going into a pool, and only wear minimal - and clean - bathing attire. This is mainly to prevent you from bringing bacteria into the pool, but also to keep you from bringing too much chlorine with you when you leave, so the bacteria you do leave don't have it too easy.

In other words: there are reasonable objections to burkinis in pools, as well as the idiotic fad among teenagers of wearing underwear under swimming trunks, or t-shirts over bikinis. Hence, I'm all for banning burkinis and killing teenagers.

That is all. Thank you for your attention.

Also, urine is mostly sterile and does not affect pool water quality much. To quote Brad Pitt: "you can drink it!".

hahahah, man I love that guy.




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