Chariots of Iron Season 02, Episode 36: The FIRST ANNIVERSARY EPISODE, with professor PZ Myers!

It's our first birthday! We've finally reached season 2 and to help us celebrate, we have cephalopod nut, Biologist, educator and outspoken atheist blogger Professor PZ Myers on the show with us to talk about his "vacation," the book he's writing, his trip to the Creation Museum, turtle hunting, how he met Richard Dawkins and his enduring friendship with his fishing buddy, Bill Donahue.


OK, we made that last part up.

We did, however, have a very special supersonic fly-by from the US Airforce Thunderbirds to help us celebrate our one-year anniversary!


Ok, fine. There was an airshow going on near by. Whatever.

But of course, before that we do the news just like we've been doing it FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR. This week in the headlines: Islam is of the Devil, Kentucky gets busted by a Federal Judge, no more holiday shit-storms in Washington, PZ Rescues Joe from a news story that is way over his head, women in Mali show us democracy in action, the Pope says some more dumb stuff and just like last year, we missed the Raelian love fest. Strangely, none of our wives were really all that disappointed.

Be sure to go to and check out PZ's blog! Do eeeet. Click the link. You'll love it, I promise.

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Yeah. Congratulations on completing a GREAT first year.

Thanks bud! That's fuggin awesome. I am going to start posting these on our website!

Happy anniversary guys! I don't get to listen as often as I'd like, but when I do, I find myself with stomach cramps from laughing...Ya'll are a riot!

I'm not sure how I've missed the saying before now but one of you said something about "Starry Eyed Christ Bots" yesterday that sent me into hysterics! I'd not heard Christ Zombies referred to as that, it's brilliant!

Great show ya'll, thank you so much for the last year!
We're glad you liked the show Stephanie, we had fun making it. The "starry eyed christ bots" comment was mine. I think it may even be unique to me, as I've never heard anyone else use it and it produces no results as a search phrase in Google.
You know what my new favorite word is? CHRIST-BOTS!!! Thanks guys!

O my...that's just wrong...but so good!
Is this what Ken Ham looks like when he peels all of his synthetic skin off?

I believe you all mentioned wanting groupies - maybe that was just Joe - I'd like to sign up.

Great show. I laughed, I cried...
Congrads on a great year of spreading the knowledge.

But I do wish you guys cold come up with a t-shirt!

Thanks for the compliments on the intro music. That's Eli's father playing his own rendition of "Crossroads" by Robert Johnson. Eli and I both like the dirty blues/rock stuff for our intro. Joe would prefer something techno, but then again he's the kind of guy that drinks Zima and wears strawberry lip balm. In any case, we think it would be fun to see what the community comes up with.
I think it's time we talked about that Coldplay CD that fell out of your bag last week.




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