Chariots of Iron Season 1, Episode 23: The Friendly Charioteers

2/28/2009 : "The Friendly Charioteers" - Blogger/Author Hemant Mehta of joins us as we talk about atheist/theist interactions.
Season 1, Episode 23
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The Man
The Book
The Secular Student Alliance

Mr. Mehta sits in as co-host as we plow through yet another week of ridiculous yet highly entertaining and/or depressing and/or infuriating news. This week: the Catholic Church makes an almost totally uninteligable statement about harm prevention, the UN get's on Joe's doodoo-list, Richard Dawkins is called out by a guy who was made famous by brainwashing Kirk Cameron and we discuss the genius behind using the internalized guilt of others to bilk more money out of them. Also: it becomes apparent that Saudi scholars have run out of things to talk about, the Supreme Court flubs a no-brainer and we discuss how your dental history might impact your track record handling wild animals.

For our main segment, we talk about Hemant's book, about his experiences, about his blog and about the people that he's met and worked with there. The over-arching topic is how we interface with the faithful and the merits of various approches to this particular endevour. With Hitchens and Harris and Dawkins you have a more direct and--some would say--abrasive approach. Hemant, on the other hand, goes about things from a different direction; letting theists know what he expects from a civil, meaningful and ultimately progressive discourse and sharing with them what he sees as ineffective about their approach. He was a lot of fun to have with us and the topic he picked was outstanding. And please, don't forget to visit the and check out Hemant's blog!


The Chariots of Iron podcast is going to be moving to every-other week instead of every week, but to keep you up on the news, Joe is going to produce a news podcast every-alternating week called the Atheist News podcast. The first episode is scheduled to air next week, so don't miss it!

The website of the Atheist News podcast:
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I cringe when anybody "goes at it" - generally speaking it just shuts conversation down because it puts the other party in full defensive mode and they are no longer able to listen... all they are doing is thinking about a response and waiting for you to stop talking so they can have their turn.

I like Lamar's approach of having a friendly conversation when possible.

With hardliners, though... it's difficult to not be confrontational, because even if you have an entirely pleasant conversational tone they are probably going to view the topic of atheism itself as a confrontation.
I find that arguing with A thiest takes way more patience than I have. So, I lurk and laugh over the whole argument. I liken it to trying to explain string theory to a 2 year old. Besides I like to do things not sit around and endlessly hashing over the same arguments.
"Boy marries dog to ward off tiger attacks"
Let me get this straight. A child who grows a tooth early is unnatural. So they have the boy marries a dog - rather unnatural.

Two unnaturals do not make a natural, a right, or any sense.

Sorry I had to say it.




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