Chariots of Iron Season 1, Episode 32: The Bible Science Game Show

"The Bible Science Game Show" - We catch the bible drunk, at a party, doing its worst science impersonation.
Season 1, Episode 32
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It's just the boys this week. Yeah, we were thinking that we weren't getting enough face time with you guys. It's been a long time since we all just hung out without anybody else around. It'll be just like old times!

In the news this week: Oklahoma is set to declare that hot man-on-man action contributed to the economic decline of America, someone at the Vatican has their head on straight, Joe the Plumber claims that he talks to god, Turkey is launching the awesomest game-show of all time, we have a heartwarming religious story in which absolutely nothing is killed or maimed, the Pope more or less declares that he is badly in need of some critical thinking skills, and Camp Quest is starting a chapter in the UK this summer... hey, maybe they should invite the Pope.

The main segment this week is the Bible Science Game Show, with your host: Eli Trebek.

Eli fires off some bible or Quran passages that modern "theologians" claim predict a scientific fact and we must guess scientific fact that he is predicting before the vein on Lamar's head explodes. One thing becomes abundantly clear: whoever edited these books needs to be fired. Badly. Posthumously, even. Join us as we strain our credulity in an attempt to sift nuggets of scientific truth from the bullshit of the ancients.

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I'm kinda glad its gonna be just you guys i mean i like the guests but part of the reason I wait for Chariots of Iron everyweek is because you guys are great together and when you have other people on it takes a bit away from that.
But that said dont ever stop bringin' on the guests.
When will it be ready for us to hear?
Lamar is posting it now for those of you who get it on iTunes or Zune or a third party RSS downloader. Should be up in a minute or two. ;)
lol I have about a half'n'hour left of this and I can barely go on is ray comfort really this stupid?
I like the atom theory one. I'm with you guys then win lets go convert right now.
God was talkin' about under water mountains and trenches cause Job got his family killed by the devil(the only people the devil killed pretty much btw God killed the rest) and took his magical fish submarine and saw mountains...Really....really..bueller....bueller...
Btw i own expelled
and in between fits of crying and laughing and a drunken stupor at one point i realized that in the movie not 1 CASE nor any evidence was put forward in that movie. Oh well lol im off topic.
I'd buy a tee shirt, you should think of a cafepress account or such.
This should be happening pretty soon.
Is there a home edition of the quiz, and does it come with Eli's daughter's cookies?
yeah joe way to go man i hope you droped him that 5 spot
I totally forgot! God damn it.
Oh boy. You guys were really inspired this session. It was hilarious. I absolutely loved Lamar's brilliant allegory of the pissed off boss wreaking havoc in the office.
I got two right. Do I get two cookies?
Awesome episode, guys.
Hey, I just finished this show and I had to point out a flaw. You fine gentlemen made the point that there is not enough water in the world to cover all the land in a deluge. I felt I should help you with that flawed logic with a picture from the Creation Museum. I hope this helps.



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