Has there been an 'Atheist Bible'? Which is effectively a 'real' bible, chapter and verse, but printed in 2 columns: on the left, the original text, and on the right, the atheist counterpoint, or the highlight to the verse's glaring fail, or the 'real' science evidence against the statement in the verse, or the internal contradiction to another place in the bible.

You see what I'm getting at, basically a quick reference to pull out whenever anyone quotes the bible to you. Laid out like this it would expose the bible for the jumbled, error strewn nonsense that it is... Its the type of book that would benefit by having a large number of contributors, as each could take a single chapter or book on independently.

I vote Matt Dillahunty to be the editor though...

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Cheers Nate - thats great... Now I just need to print 10 million copies, and visit every hotel room in the world...



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