This week, Eli and Lamar are one their own. The topic is politics, and between the election results and politically charged listener mail, there was plenty to talk about.

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Very informative episode! I enjoyed the discussions about fiscal conservatism, libertarianism and gun rights.
Thanks, I always feel a little "off" about doing political shows, I am a bit of a political junkie so it can be difficult for me NOT to talk politics most shows. Glad we could be informative and I hope we did not turn anyone off with the politics show. We've got a great show coming up next week which I'm very excited about.
Given that religion is often inextricable form someone's politics, might's well talk about it rather than not.

It's hard to talk about atheism without talking politics with the fundamentalist christian right kind of hijacking the GOP. I, for one , really enjoyed the show & I'm sure no one was turned off. Core religious (or, of course, non) beliefs & politics are two huge parts of what make up a persons general positions & inform thier actions. Combining the two always makes for some good introspection, as well as helping broaden your view of the big picture. Great show!




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