You have probably already guessed this, but there was no show last week. Sorry guys and gals!

The next show will probably come out on the 20th or so. We'll talk to at you then!

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I guess you guys can take some time off......this time! Hope all is well. The shows have been great lately.
I am about to head out to the Hawaii theater for a Jesus Rock show. ...should be interesting/funny/lame/creepy.

Take care.

Thought I was missing something ...
One of the Charioteers had a personal family matter that needed to be taken care of, consequently, we look to be recording the next show on the 30th.

Some day, I promise!
Goodoh -- it's felt like a long wait, though it's probably only been a few weeks.
I was going 2 say!!! its far past the 20th...but....i understand family times and matters i just hope its not to srs bsns.
Pretty serious, but things are getting back on track.
I'm sorry guys I think I can speak for everybody when I say, I hope you're all ok.
Everything is okay I hope!
Just wanted to drop by to say that you guys are by far my favourite atheiskeptihumanist podcast in the galaxy! Especially the profanity is a breath of fresh air!
Waiting patiently (well, sort of) for the next show :)

Keeep up the good work
The show is done and should be posted tonight!

Sorry for the wait, ya'll. ;)



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