This is ridiculous, how a human can be this stupid/ uneducated on basic facts/hateful, is completely unbelievable to me (As mentioned before I live in Britain, which is much less extreme the U.S., but if this is normal there, you have one F****d up country).

For shear lunacy read the "The Faces of Militant Atheism Today", which gives you handy spotting tips then there’s "The Atheist Hides His Militancy in Plain Sight" The man forgets to mention however, that the U.S also had missiles like that.

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Is this for real? This sounds like a farce. This has to be satire.

Can people be THAT stupid?
If that site isn't a POE-job, it's so close that the difference isn't worth measuring!
Poe's Law.
I can't decide if it is a parody or not. It claims as an objective to shutdown Landover Baptist but, it links to it as well.
I call Poe.
LOL Poe.
I mean 'Druid infiltration'? Kirk and Ray with camera-glasses?
c'mon *snickers*
With thanks to felch grogan, I have to wonder if we're dealing with a Poe here. I too have a hard time discriminating genuine extremist christian harangue from tongue-lost-in-cheek parody. Reading this thing, though, I have to at least suspect that these guys may be in earnest ... though that Chuck Norris ad I saw made me wonder....
Ok I've met my share of batshit crazy people but this and this cannot be serious.
Divine org chart?
Whoa! I've heard of straining at gnats and camels through needles' eyes but THIS is genuine HOOHAA! I have to believe these guys got NOTHING else to do with their time!

Oh, and "CANDLES that smell like our lord"?!? SWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Candles that smell like 2,000 year dead Jew? I'll pass, I don't like the smell of dust.
Well, it depends.. if you look at their Divine org chart they might smell like a dead jew, a living jew, a baby jew or maybe like balaam's ass (I guess the donkey, not the body part).

If these guys aren't for real (and I don't think they are) they are genial :D
they might smell like a dead jew, a living jew, a baby jew or maybe like balaam's ass (I guess the donkey, not the body part).

Yeah, still stuff I don't want to smell. =P Well I'm sure there arer plenty of living Jews that smell just fine...but that's going to a creepy place I don't want....



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