I have posted this in another less active group. But I thought you guys might have a unique spin or questions.


Hey Guys


I've decided to put together some questions for believers and non believers alike. It's mainly for my own personal benefit to see what different people believe.


Do you have any questions that you may want to ask? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I intend to ask


Someone who has never thought nor cared about what they believe

An 'Atheist' who doesn't believe in god, but might be open to the idea of a 'force' (starwars)

A Gnostic Atheist, who questions the posibility of life being seeded (not Raelean)

A spiritulist who thinks of the universe as one

An Agnostic Theist who does not attend church (personal belief)

A Liberal Theist

And I was thinking about talking to a priest or Pastor. But I don't know if I have the nerve for that!

I will also ask myself the same questions at the end of it. I consider myself an (Agnostic *cough cough*) Atheist and would like to think that I am capable of being a skeptic.


Got any ideas anyone? :)

I can post my findings! As long as y'all don't mind gobbledy gook.

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Hey Tammy, I haven't thought too long and hard about this yet but here are some:

Does your religion promote personal wealth and, if so, why?

Jesus apparently lived with a disregard for the (Roman) law of the land, refering to the old testament law as that which should be followed. Why do christians not follow his lead?

Outside of moral instruction, through religious or other education, how can a person know what is right and wrong?
a: parental religion? strength?
b: religious education?




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