Season 2, Episode 39: The Post AAI Recap Show with Brother Richard

This week Brother Richard joins us as we do the post AAI 2009 convention wrap up. We talk about what we liked about the show as well as what we think could use some improvement and we even toss in some nightmare travel stories to keep things interesting. After three days of booths, talks and book signings, we came home with a list of guests that should keep us busy for the better part of the next year. Over all, it was a smashing success for the show!

In the news: Kiva Atheists first to reach $1 million, Atheists oppose "faith healing" provisions in health care bills, Michele Bachmann Lobbies for Christian Punk Ministry Bent on Forcin..., Sikh policeman wins £10,000 award after turban row, Conservapedia Bible Project to remove "Liberal Bias" from the Bible.

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You guys should have invited Dawkins to the party. Poor Richard:(
Another awesome show! Thanks so much guys, I laughed out loud too many times to count!
Z-FU....sounds so awesome...i actually stoped playing WoW(big nerd) when I heard of this. I will be there as a zombie lover all i can say is about damn time. I have plans drawn out for escaping portland in case of zombie infection. Anyway I will be here plz remind me on this here group if you have time.
All i have to say is that is rad.

Btw i missed the voiced do..dododododos also :) I sliently wished you would bring them back. Seems Jebus has answered my prayers. ><

Portland Zombie walk im prob going to be doing it not damn work. (drops to the floor and shakes his fist to the heavens)
I want to pause the podcast to make a point. One of the guys (I'm sorry, I can't always keep the voices straight) talked about how the atheiskeptihumanagnostiwhatever community needs to identify what everyone has in common so that we can promote a unified, positive message to the world at large. It seems to me that this has been attempted at least twice in recent history: once, with the formal Humanist movement, and again with the Brights. The trouble with capital-H organized Humanism, it seems to me, is that it wants to hold a person to a rather long and complicated array of political perspectives that many skeptics may not hold. And the trouble with the Brights is that nearly everyone hates the name and thinks it's just a sneaky way of rebranding or running away from atheism.

But I know there are lots of small-h humanists who don't feel beholden to the any of the formal Humanist organizations, and I know there are lots of skeptics, atheists, agnostics, etc. who appear to want the shape of a political identity offered by the Brights but who won't go near the name. So maybe it would be cool to get leaders of Humanism and of the Brights to talk about what they're trying to do and why it's working (or not working).

PS - I really want to learn Z Fu. Rawk!
May name was read by them! I'm famous! LOL
Thanks for the books and authors. Reading every night.

Also, Max Brook's have prepped me for the Z War! But as a prepper, redneck and ex-patriot, I was already ready....just needed some more ammo.
Hearing about the Z-Fu group made me want to move to Portland. Rad, absolutely.
If any begging is going to go on, we're sending Lamar.
I thought "Lamar" was just a character voice Eli was doing with a southern accent? Isn't that why there are only cartoon images for his profiles online? :)
Sssh! You guys are completely ruining my chance to get to go to Australia! You see Lamar is Joe's imaginary friend, i started doing the voice when we started the podcast and he hasn't noticed...
I think you should be able to stow away on a cruise ship to Australia if you bring a guitar and sing like Charo... but you have to be willing to wear those glittery, slinky cocktail dresses.
Love the Podcast! I bought the shirt and am looking forward to any future Chariots of Iron shirts.

I myself cannot believe Michele Bachmann got re-elected either,epecially being from Minnesota. I think it time to convince some Minnesotans to move to that area to vote her out. After reading the article about YCRBYCH, I learned that a previous principle at my old high school endorsed them on their flyer. For once I have a real reason to hate that dick!

Also, what is the fastest way to get current Chariot of Iron podcasts? I get them through iTunes, but always takes time to get posted there.
Its around minute 24. They read my name on the air!


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