Season 2, Episode 45: Blown for Good, the life and times of the Notorious BFG

We missed you, too!

After a long and mostly unintentional sabbatical, we are back on track with another episode.

We had quite a back log of listener mail this week, so we tried to cover as much of it as possible. We also have an awesome guest this week, consequently: the news is short and the show over-all is a little on the long side, but hey! We were MIA for over a month, so long is good, right?

The show was worth the wait. For the first time, we have someone who knows little something about Scientology as a guest. Marc Headley (AKA BFG, or BlownForGood) is a former Sea Org member who lived and worked in the Scientology headquarters compound for 15 years. He has recently published a book called Blown For Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology which details the crazy roller-coaster ride that was his life growing up in, working for and ultimately escaping Scientology. And I don't use the word "escaping" to be glib; he actually had to escape. Marc shares some of his experiences and opinions with us as we discuss his life and work.

If you want to know about the inner workings of Scientology, this book is pretty unique and Marc has a crazy story to tell you. You can pick up Blown for Good in our Amazon store.

In the news: dead goats ward off evil, don't get raped in Bangladesh and Gayle Haggard made Joe use up his allotted "air quotes" for the res....

Also, if you want to buy us a goat, you can do so here. Ahem...

Enjoy the show!

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So, um, where's the link to the show?
It actually showed up in the usual place about 20 minutes after I posted that, but thanks for the link!
We have a small herd of pigmy goats. I would be glad to give you one. We have 4 doe's that will start dropping kids very soon.
I have a couple of dead goats that I have buried on our property. I wonder if that counts. They just died with no ritual. Them being pigmys raises the question, do you get a full warding off of the evil?

The Bro Richard intro was sweet.

I can say that I got my dose of air quotes this episode.
Great to have you back, guys. And thanks for the extra long episode. That Mark sure can talk, can't he? I had to laugh at your futile attempts to break in on his monologues.
Mark definitely has the gift of gab, but I think the main reason our attempts to break in fell flat was because he was on speaker phone and just didn't hear us. He is a talker though, and our discussion with him reminded me a little of the episode we did with James Morrow (episode 30). Like Mark, James required no prodding at all and we could have easily recording two or three hours with him if we had the time.
Oh no.... I just listened to your listener's email. I also am a lesbian (not very butch) and I love you guys. I wonder if you all have a secret lesbian following, smirk.
Ya know, I think that might be one of the coolest bragging rights we could ever hope for. Sure, there are more popular atheist podcasts out there, but we are the ones with the secret lesbian following =)
so, where can we see the photos of the awesome scarves and hats you talked about?
Oh snap! We completely forgot to post those. Joe has the pics, so when I see him up and about I'll ask him to make a blog post on with some pictures.



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