Brian Dalton, writer, directer, producer and star of the hit webshow Mr. Deity joins us for a fantastic conversation that spans everything from Battered Species Syndrome to cosmic cheesecake and everything in between (whatever that might be.) We talk a lot about the Mr. Deity show and its cast, some other projects they have done as well as a book that Brian is currently working on that is focused on the Mr. Deity universe.

We all had a great time talking with Mr. Dalton. If you haven't already, go check out Mr. Deity and all of Brian and Co.'s other projects over at!

In the news: fail-safe fabricated to protect religion's right to be douchey, brain damage makes you religious and Iraqi government pulls 50% of its head out of its ass.

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This was such a good episode, guys. Good on ya. Two powerhouses coming together to slander a space god. >) It was cool learning that we has a mormon background and I enjoyed his deconversion story. I was surprised by his rather favorable perception of religion, at least the community and tradition aspect, and was a little surprised that you guys didnt challenge him a little more on that by pointing out more of the social harm that it brings. I can understand not wanting to challenge a guest too much tho. Great show. Keep up the lord's work.





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