Filmmaker, Roger Nygard, joins us to to talk about the big questions and discuss his new documentary, The Nature of Existence. Roger put a questionnaire on his site asking visitors to discuss what they believe, and encourages you all to check it out and give your own answers to life's big questions.

Before the interview, Eli and Lamar discuss some of the crazy stuff they've seen in the news lately, such as: Billy Joel's daughter attempting suicide with a homeopathic overdose, one man standing up to the Christian infiltration of the military, new science that totally proves God's existence, a new kind of mile high club, and Pelosi pandering to papists.

Also on this show, just before dedicating it to the now deceased heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio, Eli and Lamar offer a farewell toast to Joe, their fellow podcaster and co-founder. The three parted company last week and this is the first episode after the line-up change. You can still hear Joe on the Atheist News podcast where he and Brother Richard continue to dish on the crazies while Eli and Lamar forge ahead with Chariots of Iron.

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I will miss Joe.
This show will not be the same without Joe. I listened to the most recent podacast w/out Joe and it was just missing that extra dose of wry humor and self-depracating charm that Joe brought to the show. Please please make him change his mind.
Cheers Joe....I will not try to say anything better than Lamar & Eli. Cheers Lamar & Eli for keeping one of the best shows out there going, you guys are awesome. You will have one of your dozens of listeners as long as you two are together podcasting. Cheers Ronnie James Dio, if only for sabbath. Suicide Placebo. LMFAO!!!!!!
Joe, what the heck? I am deeply saddened. =( I'm glad the show will continue is probably my favorite podcast.
You guys brought a tear to my eye during your toast! Geez! Of course everyone will miss Joe, but maybe we'll finally get to hear Eli talk more :) killing me but your toast made me tear up so sweet. Well let it be know that i will still listin to this show until the rapture and even after when we are all partying.
Quite different without MoJo. Salute bro!

As long as both COI and AN are being made, you have two adult listeners here. You may think I jest, but when I make it out there, we will pull an Atheiskeptihumanist in the pub or something like that.

I would say that my 6 years in the Navy helped with my break away from religions, so good for that dude.
(I know I'm a bit late on this one, but I've been working my way though all the podcasts from episode 1) No Joe!?!?!? A little piece of my heart has been torn out. x.x It's like someone telling me Dumbledore dies, but before I get to that part. I want to keep going, but it will feel a little less sweet.




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