Season 2, Episode 52: Uncovering The Jesus Myth, Part 1, With Frank Zindler

Frank Zindler, author of The Jesus the Jews Never Knew, joins the show for a discussion about the historicity of Jesus; specifically the evidence, or lack of evidence, from often cited Jewish sources. This is the first part of what will become a multi-part series on the historicity of Jesus. Before the interview, Lamar and Eli talk about recent poll numbers inspired by the National Day of Prayer controversy, Catholic bishops taking a stand against ENDA, creationism in Russia and Bill Nye the Science Guy being named Humanist of the Year.

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This was a great epidsode and the new format is great.
(side note)
Eli talks alot more with joe gone and i just found out that he is more Batshit crazy then Lamar but i love.
Keep it up guys :).
"Batshit Crazy"

I was kidding Eli, but it is nice to have you voice your veiws and opinions more often.




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