Season 2, Episode 54: The Future of Atheist Nexus with Brother Richard Haynes

Richard Haynes, Life Without Faith blogger and director of Atheist Nexus, joins us for a discussion about the future of Atheist Nexus and and the atheist community in general. But, before that, Eli and Lamar talk about Australia's atheist prime minister, the secular billboard campaign in North Carolina, the crazy that is Sharron Angle, the Belgian raids on Catholic institutions, homeopathy getting dropped from the NHS, and listener mail.

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I dig your new song by Crystal Fear
I agree that we need some charismatic out atheists getting into politics. I'd do it, but I'm not sure I am willing to put up with the corruption that appears to pervade politics at every level, and finances dictate otherwise. I'm tired of being broke all the time now.
Hey, thanks for the advice. She ended up pulling through the surgery, and now she's recovering, but she's still really old as it is. When that day does come, I think I'm just going to go with the flow as you said. I'm not looking to make a scene and I hope you're right that nobody will pull me aside to lambaste me. :-\
Oh, and speaking of Stephen Baldwin, you might have seen this:
As a Firefly/Serenity Fan, yes.. I saw that. Fully cool.
Fuck Stephen Baldwin! LONG LIVE JOSS WHEDON! Bring back Firefly! Spike was the coolest Vamp.
Fuck Twilight, if I want tween vampire content I'll go w/ Buffy.
Don't let Eli bullshit you. He's Team Edward all the way.
Spike as in Buffy and Angel you dorks! He and Xander were my favorite characters.
I got the reference and I'm sure Eli did too. He only brought up Twilight because he's in denial of his almost girlish fascination with it =)
Eli and Lamar; I have correction to make about the show. When talking about Julia Gillard (my new PM) whose name you say weirdly, you said she was elected this is not true, she actually came to power cause Kevin Rudd who meant well but was shit and unpopular was toppled in a very fast and exciting late night/early morning leadership spill that put Julia in power very quickly. An election will be held soon though that's why they wanted to get rid of Rudd.
Correction noted. We are grossly ignorant about the political process in Australia and grateful for the correction. Sadly, half of my impression of the 'Land Down Under' comes from the Crocodile Hunter, Crocodile Dundee, Men at Work and Mad Max and the other half from my own experiences during a port call in Darwin while in the Navy. In other words, I know jack shit about Australia and every time the subject of Aussie religion and politics comes up on the show, I just know I'm about to get something badly wrong.




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