Season 2, Episode 54: The Future of Atheist Nexus with Brother Richard Haynes

Richard Haynes, Life Without Faith blogger and director of Atheist Nexus, joins us for a discussion about the future of Atheist Nexus and and the atheist community in general. But, before that, Eli and Lamar talk about Australia's atheist prime minister, the secular billboard campaign in North Carolina, the crazy that is Sharron Angle, the Belgian raids on Catholic institutions, homeopathy getting dropped from the NHS, and listener mail.

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Godless Business is another fun podcast I listen to and they broadcast from down under. It's more Australia focused, which adds a bit of variety to the mainly US based podcasts.
The best ever atheist preacher was Robert Ingersoll. We need someone like him.
Just a suggestion, but I thought the guy who emailed Lamar about the origins of 'anti-semitic' might make a good guest on the show. I'd like to hear his stories about medieval monks,



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