Season 2, Episode 56: From Adventist to Apostate, Part 1, With Dustin Williams

Eli and Lamar revisit the topic of Seventh Day Adventists, but this time we have someone that actually knows what their talking about joining us. Dustin Williams, a one time SDA ministry hopeful, discusses the church and his deconversion into apostasy.

Before the interview, Lamar and Eli break down David Barton's nationalistic nuttery, The New Apostolic Reformation, Obama rushing in the Apocalypse, creationism down on the bayou and other craziness that has been in the news lately.

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Listened to the latest episode and I enjoyed it very much. Living in the Midwest Chariots of Iron is a breath of fresh air. Is it just me or are the new stories getting stranger every episode. Truth is Stranger then Fiction as they say. Looking forward to part 2 of Dustin Williams fascinating story. Thanks again.




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