In this episode we discuss the upcoming Atheist Alliance International convention in Montreal and we revisit the topic of charismatic leaders and community involvement among atheists. Joining the conversation we have the president of AAI, Stuart Bechman.

Before the interview: kids get a phone call from God, Sharon Angle is f*cking nuts, Gas pump exiles the godless, Pope denies resignation of kiddie diddle cover up artists, American Atheists criticize NY governor's tax subsidized mosque idea, Army chaplains "treat" PTSD, Christian organization spreads lies about birth control pills and Catholic website offers tips for arguing against gay marriage.

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Just a quick note to Eli: thanks for making me do a spit-take when you said, "I'm gonna F%*K them in the ass!" (referring to the Inside Catholic article on Same Sex Marriage)! I thoroughly embarrassed myself at work - well done! :)
You're very welcome, I do aim to please.




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