We've been getting a lot of email from concerned listeners, so I thought I'd pop in here give everyone a quick update:

We haven't put out a show in the last few months for two reasons. The first reason is that the last four shows that we recorded had sound issues that made them completely unusable. Yes, that does mean that there are four unnamed episodes that will not be released to the public (much like Episode 13). The second reason is that Eli and I are both experiencing some things in our personal lives that make the production of this podcast very difficult.

We are considering calling it quits, but before we do we will release a final episode and I have already talked to Joe about coming back and doing a Chariots of Iron finale with Eli and myself. I will not discuss any more details here or by email, but all will be revealed in our next (and possibly final) episode.

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Hate to see you guys go :( ...... :'(

Best of luck to all of you.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

this is very sad news...

please, PLEASE don't let the domain name expire to someone who'll make it into a religious website!

Too bad :-/.

I was a late comer to the podcast, as well as to this group and the Nexus.  I am really concerned that you aren't going to continue the program, which I have always to considered my favorite.  I have a total of 30 podcasts that I listen to, and I am really missing your program, which take a lighter approach to facts considering religion, or a lack thereof.  Please reconsider continuing this podcast, for it will leave a void in the ether if it is not.  Irreligiosophy was another that I favored, and it has ceased.  I'd hate to keep losing programs like these.

If we fans can do anything to assist you efforts, please do let us know in your next podcast.

This suuuuucks.

Can understand not having the time to do it, but man, I'll be damned if I don't still try to update the show on iTunes everyday.  You guys have a unique voice and are (or were?) truly doing the FSM's work.

Can't you just be like Gingrich and 'suspend your campaign'? I guess I'm the type of guy who doesnt mind being pulled along.

In any case, best of luck and good health to the both of you and your families.


Oh No...I'm sorry to hear you are calling your podcast quits. It's funny and informative; please rethink your decision. We need you! Even if the interval between shows is longer, we'd (at least I would) be willing to listen as long as you don't say farewell. Am I clear?!?

Many thanks, Meridien

Sad to hear you go, but life has a way of having things come up. Seems to be something that is happening more and more to the good Atheist and skeptic podcast. 

Well it was fun and you guy where great, keep safe, never know who is under the bed, oh wait its just the dog. :-)

where can I get the episodes?!




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