Have a look at this. It's the concluding part of a debate hosted by the BBC in July (you can catch the other 4 parts on you tube and they're well worth watching if you have 40 minutes to spare). In this one, the audience votes after hearing the arguments for and against the motion "The catholic church is a force for good in the world." The results are astounding -- but then the two arguing against the motion were Chris Hitchens and Stephen Fry. A formidable pair.

I doubt that any of the swing voters were catholics, but it's still heartening to know that a well-expressed argument can change people's minds,


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I watched that on BBC world the other day. I didn't think they still threw christians to the lions in this day and age.
Well, I must say that was refreshing. Interesting results indeed. Not surprising really- I think that the format of anonymous balloting allowed people to vote their minds, and not worry about what others thought. Thanks for posting!



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