Hey folks, just wanted to drop a quick note to our listeners, Lamar and I (ok, really, it's just Lamar) are undergoing some technical changes at this time, while you won't probably notice
anything right away (except that this forum and our feed should have a
higher availability percentage) this is vital to our long-term planning.
What this means though is that we had to postpone recording and there
will not be a show this week. To make up for this Lamar and I are going
to attempt to do two shows in the next two weeks to "make up" for time.

We still enjoy all your emails and posts so keep it up, we're still
reading them even if we have little time to respond right now.

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Yay two shows its like christmas :D
glad you see it that way, it's more like one show a week late and the next one "on-time".




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