Of course, the two main podcasts that follow are Chariots of Iron and Atheist News. The other atheist/skeptic podcasts I like to listen to are (and these can all be found on iTunes):

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe
Weird Things
Monster Talk

Are there any other really good atheist/skeptic podcasts that I should be adding to my listening line up? Also, I'll gladly take suggestions on good podcasts in general.


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I like Reasonable Doubts and the Talk Atheist (Minnesota Atheists) Podcast also have some great speakers (Hector Avalos being one of my favorites). I also like a lot of Science Podcasts like those from Nature and Scientific American.
Do you ever listen to RadioLab? It's a beautifully produced show and that have some really interesting shows on neurology and how the human brain interprets the world. Gotta love public radio.
I second Reasonable Doubts. Also Point of Inquiry is a good one.
Hey Wes,
Thanks for the suggestions. For me, the definite "Must-haves" are The Atheist Experience and The Non-prophets. They are both done by the Atheist Community of Austin. The host is Matt Dillahunty who is the MAN!! For a taste, look him up on youtube for some great sbippets. The A experience is a call-in show where they take questions from all walks of belief and the Non-prophets is more like Chariots, where they just discuss the news and a topic n stuff.

Irreligiosophy is done by these 2 ex-mormons. They try to de-bunk religious/biblical claims and they do some good research but they dont delve in too much and they are new to this podcasting thing so they are still getting their podcast legs under them, but still interesting.

On the neutral side. NPR has a religion podcast where they complie any stories done that week that have anything to do with religion. That one is short n sweet. Also, Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean is the lectures done by a college professor. He takes a scholarly, historical approach to learning about early christianity and breaking down the letters of paul and the history of the gospels and stuff like that, but from a historical perspective. Its really interesting if you're into that sort of thing.

Im sure that's more than you asked for, but thats what i got. Enjoy. Plan on not listening to anymore music ever again >) Thats what happened to me.

Take care.

Oh, man, I totally brain farted on mentioning The Atheist Experience. Maybe it's because I try to catch it on the live streaming video rather than listen to it as a podcast. But, yeah, Matt Dillahunty is a hard man to phase.

I'll look up the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean right away. I love that kind of stuff. I don't miss the work and worry of college, but I sure do miss lectures and seminars.
I second Atheist Experience and Non Prophets.
I also highly recommend the Atheist Experience and Non-Prophets. Not to be missed. I also really enjoy delving back into the archived shows that are a wealth of information/entertainment.
I like Chariots of Iron and Atheist News.
I also do a podcast (www.tomharrisusa.com) that's not explicitly atheist/skeptic but comes from that point of view. It's certainly a lot more casual and slice-o-life than the others.

George Hrab's Geologic Podcast is really good (especially the older episodes when he did more skits). Skepticality is great.
Bollix! Science and Skepticism is good though still quite new. MonsterTalk is great, as is Reasonable Doubts (though a bit dry at times). The Unbelievers is a fairly new one out of NZ that's pretty good.
Non-sciency - The Classic Tales is a lovely show with BJ Harrison, who reads classic literature, and very well I might add. There are a lot of shows that play recordings of old radio shows, back when TV was radio. Horror, suspense, thrillers, mysteries, all classic.
Vidcasts - I love News of the Absurd, a CNN. Very funny. And of course Brian Brushwood's ScamSchool and Mr. Diety.
Happy listening!!
I think everybody will get a kick out of Monster Talk. It's cryptozoology skepticism show. You know how on the History Channel the actual scientific experts on get 3 or 4 minutes of time at the end of a show like "Monster Quest"? On Monster Talk, they get the whole hour and it's absolutely fascinating.

Weird Things is just...weird things. It's done by three guys associated with JREF. I highly recommend it for the off the wall topics and gutter humor.



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