This week I've been catching up on the last three podcasts... I've noticed you guys have mentioned your "new forum" and the URL as being "", and you've mentioned there is little activity there. I've tried several ways of spelling this conjunction and haven't managed to hit the site yet, and I'm wondering if the odd spelling is why there's not much activity.

Could you put a link to it or spell it out for us listeners who are fake-word-spelling impaired?

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I just added a link on the main page of the group. Sorry about the spelling issues. You can blame Joe for coming up with the word in the first place :P
Do we really need another forum? AN has a forum section, and postings within each group. This, along with the forums at JREF, SGU, CFI, etc... is another forum really what we need?
Do we really need another forum?

Nope. We didn't need another podcast when we started one either.

AN has a forum section, and postings within each group.

There are a couple of problems with the forums here. First, theists are disallowed from joining and therefore cannot participate in any discussion about religion. Second, due to limitations of the Ning software, every time a member leaves or gets banned all of the content they every provided disappears. This leaves big, gaping holes in threaded conversations.

This, along with the forums at JREF, SGU, CFI, etc... is another forum really what we need?

I respect where you're coming from, but I just don't see any problem with internet noise pollution. Besides, the three of us feel that most atheist/skeptic forums are generally hostile to believers and admins often treat said believers with heavy-handed moderation. We also feel that many forums (not necessarily the ones listed) have too many rules and put unnecessary restrictions on what their members can say or where they can link to. For example, many forum admins get shitty if you link to a thread on another forum. They fail to realize that we all go to many different sites when we go online, and they shouldn't feel threatened by their so-called competition.

We want to provide a forum with rules that are both simple and few. We also want to create an environment where believers and skeptics can engage in conversation and debate while being treated with equal fairness by the admins and moderators. Don't worry though, out right proselytizing won't be tolerated.
Fair enough. My response was mainly addressing the mention of how little activity seems to be going on with that forum, not so much about internet noise pollution. Based on what you've said here, I'm going to check out the forum some more and see what I might be able to contribute.
You know, I think we need another beer.



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