Hey everyone ive lived here in North Carolina for the better part of 18 years and I’m interest to know how other atheist like myself live. Ive been called multiple names and denied multiple things because of my beliefs but im interested to see how other people live

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done and done lol
I have to be pretty careful with the things I say but for the most part, my atheism hasn't caused me too many problems.

The only thing that seems to be a real problem is with my own impatience with all the rampant stupidity I see around me perpetrated in the name of Jesus. I'm also bothered that my kids are taught biology in a public school that has an "abstinence only" policy when it comes to discussing human reproduction.
yeah the hardiest part is havening to sit and listen to people rant about god and how they are right but me being the nice man i am just kinda nod and tone it out
Hi everybody,I live in High Point and work as a community liaison for Hispanic families.Living in USA for 15 years,11 in Miami,FL,I was surprised and upset, when I realized how dangerous the influence of Bible Belt States is,and the impact it has in the education of our children in public schools in NC.I'm sure, I'm the oldest member of this group (63).My parents(Cuban) were freethinkers and that explains the reason about my open minded positions. Taking back the aspect about education in schools in NC in particular about the "abstinence only" and in general about Science is a shame that the superintendents and the Department of Instruction allow this position and the way that the text book explain it. This concept "abstinence only" is based on religious belief.I called DI in NC and complaint about it .If all of us,atheist, start calling the Department of Instruction,we will start making noises and sending a huge message that school teachers and professionals in Education are not supposed to express or reflect their religious believe in our test book at all.
Do you notice that the School Systems nationwide using different text books for the same subject and same grades depending of the policies in each states.
We,atheist should educate ourselves more about the history of religion in the world,about the organized religious groups,camouflaged under the false pretensions of well being of the society,
and how they got involved more and more in and with the government decisions.The Pledge of Alliance,since Francis Bellamy wrote it in 1892 was changed 3 times, the last time in 1954,when "under God" was added by a petition of a chaplain from Chicago and approved by Congress. There are books and materials written by recognized author,philosophers,and scientist that give us a huge background to fight our battle from a scientific point of view that will win vs religious fundamentalism,no doubts about it.

I live in Ontario and I've been an atheist all my life (although I didn't know it... or at least I'd never thought about anything religious, until maybe 2 years ago).
I've never had any problems with it at all. Someone telling me they would pray for me is the closest I've experienced to being condemned for it. Even that person didn't seem very bothered. Though they were a bit shocked that I was an atheist/not a christian. I had been squished pretty badly not too long before and the woman thought I had a very good attitude about it. For some reason this caused her to assume I was a christain, thus her surprise when I said something like "Actually, I'm an atheist." and then explained what that means.
Other than that, being an atheist has been pretty much irrelevant to my life... except that now I've been noticing a lot more of the influence religions are having on governments. I think it's worse for you guys in the U.S. though.


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