I can't bring myself to mention it on the CAA website, but I'm really, really bothered with the encroachment by a Christian on our discussion boards. Yes, I want to be tolerant but is there any aspect of our lives that doesn't have to have the greasy fingerprints of Christianity all over it?

Or am I just out of line?

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You have to state that you're an atheist to join this site so why not?

Or something about being atheist/agnostic for the CAA.

Yeah, Bill seems to have an agenda. He might not be aware of it but his long, rambling posts have all the earmarks of "the thin end of the wedge." First he gets us to admit that there might have been an historical Jesus and then it takes off from there.
OK, maybe I'm hypersensitive to this sort of thing (dealing with it as much as I do) but what's up with this Micah Israel guy? Is he a religious zealot hiding in the guise of an atheist or is he an atheist who just likes to stir things up with a big stick?

He has all the earmarks of the first:
Long, meandering posts
Adherence to certain texts to prove his point
Non-sequiturs in debate

In his profile, under interests, it simple says, "Bible".

Any ideas of what he is and how he should be dealt with?
Sorry guys but I didn't know I was susposed to read their posts. I've just been ignoring them. You'll have to insist that I read them before I'll start. CAA should be a "clubhouse" for us so we should be able to control our membership. But, requiring a statement of "lack of faith" likely won't stop a xtian from lying to get in the gang. It's not like ethics have stopped them before (e.g. Regan; Bush I, BushII, Ted Haggard; Dick Armey, Dick Cheney, etc, etc, etc.)

So, I say ignore them for now and vote in the near future as to whether to start a requirement. I've never read nor responded to one of their posts, nor ever will; I would speculate that joining this group is a little like self-flagellation for them. A way to show JC how they've suffered thru the slings and arrows of the godless heathens to better understand them (us.)
In a word--NO
Hi, I like the idea of a 'haven' for us Atheists. Zeus knows christians are in our face whichever way we turn. I'm an 'activist' & have been for decades, letters t5o the editor, bumper-stickers,membership in American Atheists, Freedom From Religion Foundatioon, Americans United for Separation of Church7 State, & MAAF. Would like to chat, exchange thoughts, experiences. Rather new to the computer & typing, but two years older than dirt.




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