So we shake the faith in God, we retain moral fiber, and we live productive lives. How many times has a faithhead pointed out that if you have no absolute moral code, then you're free to do anything? ANYTHING! Which is normally followed by pointing out: rape, murdering, and stealing.

So how come atheists aren't all engaging in orgies of pleasurable but consequence free activities such as actual orgies or generally having more fun than our theistic counterparts? I mean seriously, is it because we've been polished by our society until we hold the same distaste for sinful behavior even though we know it's not sin?

Or are atheists doing this and just not inviting me! That's horrible, and I want in :P

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I actually don't see how this question is even relevant. People that assume that what keeps us 'moral' is some outside or imposed system of belief drive me crazy. The word hedonistic is in some sense a religious term, a designation for those concerned with fulfilling sensory needs alone. My experience with letting go of antiquated and barbaric belief systems designed to give specious fairy-tale answers to complicated scientific questions is that is doesn't free me from moral bonds and social contracts, which are dictated by my evolutionary biology and psychology, but rather it gives me an intellectual freedom. It allows me simultaneously to think for myself and to practice an intellectual rigor that is entirely absent from religious (and even most political and social) intellectual modalities. In order to devote myself intellectually to hedonism, I would have to give up the one thing that defines me as an atheist: my ability for rational thought and my desire to seek knowledge, transcendence and sources of the numinous outside of the supernatural. That may be in orgies. It may be in astronomy or mathematics or Jane Austen or all of them together. Being an atheist does not describe my moral state. It does not describe anything about me other than that I reject and repudiate theism fully and completely, without apology, in favor of something that makes more instinctive and rational sense to me.

Sorry for the late reply.  Atheism doesn't imply hedonism.  I define hedonism as flesh based pleasure pursuits involving things related to sex.  The connection to atheism is more of a stretch but basically, Christianity has a puritanical stance on sex.  Sex is related to morality by religion.  So with the absence of a religion, I think that frees up our internal values so that people can pursue whatever they want (not including criminal sexual acts). 


So, atheists have potentially more to bring to the lust table because they can approach it without guilt and with safety.  In my experience, most atheists I know actually live quite vanilla lives.  It's the Pagans among my friends who tend to get the most innovative.  I think atheists have the ability to outperform even them because I think pagan beliefs are as nutty as faith in Norse Gods.  But my experience hasn't followed my suspicions yet with most of my polyamorous peers, gay peers, lesbian peers, and orgy/swinger types having some level of faith.  I think that's odd.




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