Get on in the evening when people are home. Have a list of easy topics. Type in a topic. Go to the main page and scroll down to the bottom left. See who is online. Click on their page. Click on add friends. For the personal message: ask if they want to chat. tell them to click on the tab and start typing! They do it!!! When you see their icon on the right of the chat, greet them and ask them a question! ta daah!

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I also like the idea of a pre-planned chat about politics and other topics. Those chats might be better if we didn't invite in random people because it gets pretty silly if there's no topic. They have rules against silly injections in forums, but people go off the deep end being silly in chats to the point where an outsider gets lost, discouraged and leaves. I have done huge chats on forums before. I'm surprised we didn't get deleted. Maybe we could all pick a topic and storm the forum one night.


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