So the highest rated player in the world, 19-year old Magnus Carlsen of Norway, has launched a career on the catwalk.


There is no reason, of course, that chess players cannot excel in other fields.Andre Danican Philidor was a composer   Vassily Smyslov had a wonderful baritone voice, but failed in an audition with the Moscow Opera,  Botvinnik as an engineer won some sort of prize for his work during WWII.  Mark Taimanov was a concert pianist.


What would be the perfect complementary career for a grandmaster?  Perhaps a rock-and-roll star.  Or a champion athlete.  (Chess-boxing, anyone?)  But I think the ultimate would be an international spy.  The James Bond type.

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Great post! Carlsen appears to have a chess face on even in modeling. I think Shredder was designed to boost egos (even I beat it).
I'm sure that the full-featured version of Shredder is quite strong. I just tried the online version on Susan Polar's site to confirm your assessment. I think it must be set to evaluate positions after one move. It missed a couple of simple two-move threats during the game.


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