Two pawns thought to be from a chess set having belonged to James Madison (4th President) have been discovered during excavation of his 18th century estate, Monteplier, in Virginia. Madison and Thomas Jefferson are known to have engaged in many chess games with each other there.

Per the article:

"Montpelier archaeology director Matthew Reeves called the pieces a treasure that reflects Madison's intellectual pursuits and social life.",0,2365225.story

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Susan Polar shows the set that is supposed to be identical, that the museum bought to display,  The photo is unfortunately distant.  The set looks closes to a John Calvert set from the period.  It does not look like a John Barleycorn, a St. George or an Old Divan Cigar Store set, which were all also popular in England.


You can see a replica of a similar ivory John Calvert set at  The House of Staunton is making it in faux ivory and selling it for $129.

Nice looking.

nice, red's cool! dig the pieces shapes too




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