HI everyone!
Atheist Nexus has really taken off! And how exciting to find a group function that we can use to discuss...Illinois atheist news! The goal of this group will be to keep current postings on Illinois news that involves separation of church and state, atheist news, religious craziness and any other interest stories.
This is OUR group, if you see a story you would like to share, do so!
Lets have fun!

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Renee, thanks for setting this up! I'm in.
I'm in as well. Thanks Renee!
Hi Renee. Thanks for the group. I joined the Illinois one before seeing this one. I would like everyone to know that the Wisconsin/Illinois Stateline Atheist Society (http://statelineatheists.blogspot.com/) is having a picnic on Sunday 7/20 if anyone is interested. We are a small but friendly group.
YAY! Another blog :-) Hey, when you have another picnic/gathering will you add a new discussion in the group? I totally missed this post :-(

Did you guys have fun? I have about 4 members of the Chicago RRS interested in a meet up at the end of August, maybe we could all meet?
I was looking for an Illinois group and was thinking with my luck there wouldn't be one yet.......not to say that I wasn't thinking about starting it myself. Alas, it is here and I thank you Renee!
Great to see a group for us Chicago Atheists. It's a shame I didn't know about the picnic; I had nothing going on this past Saturday. I'll have to spread the word about this site to some of my friends around Chicago. Now all I need is an atheist dating service (maybe I'll make it; something tongue-in-cheek, like matchmadeinhell.com) and I'm set!
Thanks for making this.




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