My wife (who is a theist for the time being), has made a ccomment that although she likes my passion, she feels I might be offending people or becoming to militant. I asked her, what about the Latter Day Saints and the Jehovah Witnesses. Aren't they more "militant" than I am. She smiled and stated. "Maybe you should do that. Go door to door and spread the word of a non returning Jehovah". Wow! Has anyone done this? I am willing to dedicate Saturdays or whenever to go from house to house and spread the non word. Lol. As free thinkers do we not have a duty to "wake" people up? "Wake up Neo, the theists have got you". Anyway, that's my idea. Anyone else?

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This sounds very appealing...but I don't think it will get legs for a long-term "evangelizing" effort.  I could see it being an awareness-raising one-time effort where the local news organizations are clued in and get some news coverage.  Good luck with trying to pull it together.


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