Chicago Atheists & Agnostics is looking for a catchy weblink to our page. Currently, the link is a mouthful:

If anyone can come up with something simpler, I'd like to hear of it! And if I like it, I'll send you a copy of Richard Dawkin's, "The God Delusion."

Three rules to win:

1. You must be a member of the Chicago Atheists & Agnostics fan page (use the link above to quickly find the page).
2. You must live within 100 miles of Chicago (that's basically the distance between Chi-town and Milwaukee).
3. You must start a discussion from the Discussion tab entitled: "The Chicago A&A Link Should Be" and then include your idea in the title.

Now, as far as the link is concerned: it obviously starts with "" but you don't need to worry about including the domain name, just your idea; for example, instead of writing out "The Chicago A&A Link Should Be," just write "The Chicago A&A Link Should Be ChicagoAA." I'll infer the rest. And as a note, I'm not thrilled with ChicagoAA because I do not wish to confuse people into thinking we're an Alcoholic's Anonymous group.

A decision on the winner will be made at the end of March. At that point, the winner can email me their address and I will promptly send "The God Delusion."

Any questions? Let me know! Otherwise, I look forward to your responses!

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