Hi Chicagoland Atheists!

I just found this group and saw that it was one of two groups here for the Chicago area.  I did not see that there was a counterpart to this group on Facebook so I wanted to offer my Facebook fan page as a sister site for this organization.  You can find the page here:


I have also created a Facebook group, but I believe the fan page will be a better way for us all to communicate. I do not wish to supersede this
atheist group or any other atheist group, but I did want to make
sure that Chicago, as a community, had a specific designation on Facebook. In fact,
I think that every city should have it's own atheist network, but I so
happen to live in Chicago, hence my page is dedicated to the needs of
my neighborhood. In my (albeit limited) research, I did not find any
major atheist hubs in the area and wanted to make sure that we were
represented properly.

The one fault I find in the freethought community, at large, is that there is little organization, and the
strength of any community comes from its ability to organize itself
into something coherent and comprehensive. So, I would love for any
Chicago residents or natives to join us, in that we may begin finding
ways to interact, to communicate, to organize, to offer support, to
offer charity and to build & maintain a society where we can be
open about our position and free of religious pressure.

It starts with a fan page, but, with persistence and will, it can become a
fountain of secular guidance and a spring of evidential truth.

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