Since one of the main topics on the comment section for the group seems to be meetups and such, I figured I'd just make an official discussion item for it.

I'm definitely up for getting together with fellow atheists and just shooting the shit for the most part. If it grows into more than that, great... if it's just a weekly/monthly/regular chit-chat, that's quite alright too.

I have many ideas on things I'd like to do. What I need is to have others who will pester me so I keep my ass in gear and make progress.

Weekends are best for me... I'd prefer the location to actually be in the city proper.

Others feel like chiming in?

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I think a social gathering is important where we can just share food/drinks/thoughts. If things take off with any volunteer ideas, I imagine those ventures would branch off and have a life of their own. If you are able to make a Monday evening, it might be good to check out the Brights Meetup ( ) -- this is basically what I have in mind. My problem is that I can't make Monday evenings, so that's why I have a desire to start something for the weekend warriors.
Okay, the city proper is one thing, now which neighborhood? Some neighborhoods have HORRID parking: Lakeview, Gold Coast, Wicker Park, etc. a place with parking lot would be best.

Will it be bar or restaurant or coffeehouse (not Starbucks please Xp)?

There's this teahouse:
On Milwaukee near Western and very close to CTA blue line.

Mercury Cafe is a BIG space:
parking is street meter though

that's just a couple off the top of my head...
I agree that this should be in the city proper, I think that a place that is quiet enough to chat, but also not so quiet that it is awkward is ideal... also, the place shouldn't be the type of place that would get pissy if we got a little raucous and rowdy... since most of the Atheists that I have met are the "spirited" type. ;o) I gravitate toward places like:

Quenchers (they have bar food too)

The Green Eye

El Cid

Mirabell Restaurant (if we get too big though, space would be an issue)

These are just suggestions though, I'd be open to other options as well. I should add though, that I highly doubt that I would go to the following neighborhoods; Wrigleyville, Lakeview, and Lincoln Park... it is just far too difficult to park and far too crowded for my taste there.
There was a Skeptics Meetup just this past Sunday at the Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park. The CFI group has meetings one Tuesday at the Exchequer and one Sunday at UIC every month as well.
I've been running the "Illinois Atheists" yahoo group for a few years now, and have tried numerous times to get people together from that. Not to sound bitter or anything, but if you keep leaving it up to the group to make suggestions, everyone's going to want it on their day, their time, their neighborhood, and you can easily spend months trying to please everyone. (Like I said, I'm not bitter or anything. :-)

The best way to do a meeting is for one person to speak up with an exact day, time, and place, and just post it. See who shows. I go to plenty of the Chicago area Meetups already. But I would definitely try to make it if something were posted here.
I too would love to attend, however and from the suburbs, so have little knowledge of neighborhood spots, parking, and the like. Let me know where the meetings are, and I will gladly make the trip.
I think that we should consider meeting somplace downtown, at least we can take the L to the site and not worry about parking. Plus there are some descent places where we can meet and have a good time. My Sci-Fi book club meets at a pretty nice place on Clark, but I have to get the address. They serve food and alcohol (WOO HOO) and we just have to pay for what we order.
I would love to meet up with fellow Athiests when I am home on leave. I am in the Navy now and currently stationed in VA. I make a trip home once a year for a duration of 2 weeks. Downtown Chicago is a great place for me to meet up with everyone. This summer I am scheduled to take some leave off the books and would like to join in the fun.
Hello Peoples. I'm a member of SSA (South Side Chicago atheists). I've spend most of the morning combing the internet for other atheist groups out side my immediate area. I found several small groups on the north, and northwest side. I don't have too much of a problem heading downtown for some gathering as long as I get a week or so notice.

The three biggest issues it seems for atheist/secular/free thought group it seems are; scheduling, distance, and motivation. Motivation seems like the biggest issue. With good motivation the other two issues become non-issues in theory.

So how exactly do we create something to be motivated for? I think one of the concerns is answering the question What do atheists do when they get together? And, what do they talk about? The simple answer is anything and everything. But that isn't a satisfying answer.

I think with organization these issues become non-issues. But got get the motivation to organize. I'm personally good to go. If I get a reasonable time place and location, I'm there.
Atheist theme for the Chiditarod anyone?...its for a great cause and a great time!!!
Did you end up participating in the Chiditarod?  There are so many fun options for atheist-themed team costumes and cart!
sorry for my late response....I did not get any responses for the Chiditarod but there is always next year!!!...hint, hint!




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