Since one of the main topics on the comment section for the group seems to be meetups and such, I figured I'd just make an official discussion item for it.

I'm definitely up for getting together with fellow atheists and just shooting the shit for the most part. If it grows into more than that, great... if it's just a weekly/monthly/regular chit-chat, that's quite alright too.

I have many ideas on things I'd like to do. What I need is to have others who will pester me so I keep my ass in gear and make progress.

Weekends are best for me... I'd prefer the location to actually be in the city proper.

Others feel like chiming in?

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I'm always willing to get together as well. Let me know when you're meeting up again. Thanks

Sure...would love to organize more social and fun events in addition to coffee shop meetups so this was just a thought. Maybe next year?



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